Thomas and I couldn’t be more thrilled to announce our rebrand from Hacksmith Labs to Devscale

For those that don’t know us, Thomas and I run the boutique software development agency Hacksmith Labs  (HL). In 4 short years we have been fortunate enough to work with brands like SoulCycle, Budweiser and Campbell’s (yes, the soup company).

Before I get into why we changed our name here is a quick update on the state of S&T…2019 is off to an incredibly good start :

  • – We built and launched Fady’s vision to make financial data more transparent for business owners with the launch of his Saas application.
  • HFit Ergo – After months of building, testing, and iterating, our team helped Dr. Harris launch and their Saas application to a handful of clients.
  • Market Genie – We worked with the founding team on a SprintZero project (see below) where we helped define and design their vision. After a really successful sprint, we’re beginning to build out version one of the app so they can get it into the hands of customers and start iterating.
  • Bippy – Our good friend, Isidro, has an amazing product for environmentally friendly toilet paper…or as they put it “Earth friendly butt stuff”. We did some work on their e-commerce site, check it out!
  • ClozTalk – Two of the most influencial and incredible humans Jeff and Jonny Imerman started a company to help you shop for quality, charity-branded apparel. Really amazing stuff. Go buy some apparel and help the world be a better place. They’ll be upcoming guest on our podcast too, so stay tuned.
  • P3rceive
  • Checkli – We became business partners with Marvin Russell to build out the mobile version of his successful checklist app, Checkli. iOS app will launch in the next month or so 🙂
  • Parting Stone – We invested in my brother’s company Parting Stone.
  • OrangeQC – We rescued Matt Gornick’s buggy Android App resulting in a HUGE decrease in customer support requests for his company OrangeQC. He was just featured on our podcast too!

The Sean and Thomas Show

We launched our podcast this year and it’s been a BLAST! Our first series is called ScaleTalk. It’s focused on interviews with tech leaders here in Chicago. If you haven’t checked it out yet, below I embedded one of my favorite episodes with Candice Savino of Trunk Club . Coming up we have the founder of ActiveCampaign ($60mil ARR), Jason VandeBoom. Subscribe here on Apple Podcasts or Spotify or any other app!

Why Devscale?

In the past 6 months we’ve started offering a few different services, so a name change was in order 🙂 Devscale helps business solve their software problems through a few different product and service offerings:

SprintZero (new!)
We’ve had a huge demand for a product we call SprintZero. Many times a week, we chat with first-time founders and previously successful entrepreneurs that have an idea for a business. Instead of jumping right into a huge and expensive software build, we offer a SprintZero project to define and design their vision. The project typically lasts 2 weeks and the deliverable is a beautifully designed deck with mockups, product definition, and a clickable prototype of their app.

DevStaffing (new!)
We found that companies don’t always need our entire agency layer for their particular project. They just need an extra set of hands on their existing dev team. We basically started to rent out our developers to other dev teams for a really good price. This helps companies scale up and down with ridiculous ease.

We are a boutique software development agency focused on web apps, mobile apps, and integrations. We build teams around your project’s specifications. We Code. Hire Us. 😉

Hacksmith Labs is officially gone, and we couldn’t be more excited to grow with our new name. If you have any questions, feedback, or you think it makes sense to chat, shoot Thomas an email at and we’ll set something up! 🙂

We Code. Hire Us.

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