“Devscale absolutely crushed Clockwork out of the park. Couldn’t be happier.”

The Challenge

We were tasked with building a tool that creates your financial model, cash flow forecast, metrics, and scenarios all in one place, in real-time. The application needed to fully integrate with both Quickbooks Online and Xero account software APIs and apply an artificial intelligence layer on top of all of your accounting data. The goal was to get a product to market that Fady could start to sell and gather feedback.

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Our Strategy

The Devscale team worked closely with Fady to identify the dream product if time and money were no object. Once we got the full vision for Clockwork out of Fady's brain and onto paper, we started to define the minimum sellable product so he can start testing with real customers as fast as possible. We identified Quickbooks Online (QBO) and Xero as the first accounting platforms to integrate with, due to their open API and high number of current clients already using them.

Phase 1
Minimum Sellable Product - Viable Product gets all the press, but we believe in real businesses. We do our best to focus on creating the minimum sellable product. The question we ask ourselves is: What can we get into the market as quickly as possible to start collecting feedback from paying users?
Phase 2
Maintenance and Support - After public launch, we needed to be at-the-ready for any issues or questions customers had. We have a proactive approach to bug fixing, minor feature improvements, and implementing customer feedback.
Phase 3
Clockwork Version 2.0 - Based on user feedback, we were able to compile an incredible product roadmap. We looped back through our process to define, ideate, and design the next version. Once the plan was in place we got to work creating new features and tweaking current ones to fit business needs.

The Results

Venture Funding

Clockwork 2.0

MVP Launched

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