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“We had an urgent project for our Android app and Devscale saved our butts!”

Matt G.

Founder, OrangeQC



Devscale is a full-fledged software development agency, including top-notch designers, developers, project managers and QA. We specialize in Web App, Mobile App, and Custom Software development.



Either augment your development team or hire full-time with trusted and ridiculously talented engineers. Our global and local pool of pre-vetted candidtes will help your team get across the finish line.

Our Work



Fady Hawatmeh (founder of Clockwork) came to us with an idea for a new way for small businesses to interact with their financial data. This was a really fun project for everyone on the team, involving the full spectrum of our services. Being able to help shape the initial project gets us excited :) Fady is now actively marketing Clockwork to SMBs. He’s shifted over to our DevStaffing service, where he has two dedicated developers continuing to build out features of his Saas webapp.

SoulCycle + UltraCore

We worked with both SoulCycle (the nationwide spin studio) and Ultracor (the hottest new leggings manufacturer) to develop Chromacor Technology. Chromacor allows users to design a pair of personalized leggings in 3D. Our custom kiosk solution was implemented across 20+ SoulCycle locations, and then was launched to all SoulCycle consumers via a nationwide flash sale.



Travis Holoway, approached us with his vision to build out the first version of the app for him and his team. SoloFunds is a P2P lending platform built using SynapseFi's money-moving APIs and technology. We built their iOS app from scratch, going from the founder's idea to MVP in just a few months. After the project, we helped transition the development work to their internal SoloFunds tech team. Travis has since raised $1.2mil in funding to fuel growth.